Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 6 of 12 to the California International Marathon

This week marks the half way point in my 12 week plan. I'm running solid and following Coach Daryl's plan to a T. Well, sort of. I'm kinda skipping my swim/rest day. Opting more for rest and no swim, that is. I also missed my bike/rest day and decided I'd better catch up on house work. It also happened to be pouring outside. Otherwise, I'm logging all my run miles.

Here's a look at my workouts for the week:
Monday- rest
Tuesday- 3 miles easy
Wednesday- 8 miles (2 warm-up, 6 at a 7:30 pace).
Thursday- 3 miles easy
Friday- rest (although I did a marathon of laundry!)
Saturday- 4 miles (ran with the Copper boy...his longest run with me yet)
Sunday - 16 miles (10 easy, last six at goal pace of an 8:00). My goal pace was a titch slower, but I was running on the trails and at a bit of an incline. Nonetheless, I'll take it.

Total miles for week: 34

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  1. Nice work logging all those run miles - you're doing awesome! Looks like you've got a great week on tap!