Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 4 of 12 to the California International Marathon

At the close of this week, I find myself wondering why the heck I signed up for another marathon so quickly. Perhaps it was my sluggish 9:30 pace 14 mile run today that had me doubting this marathon plan. I felt tired, my legs were tight, and I just wanted to be done to go grab some coffee. (we all have those moments, right?)

Then I remembered to cut myself some slack as this week was a step up in mileage and intensity, AND my 14 mile run today was supposed to be between an 8:30 to a 9:30 pace. So I was on the slower end....big deal. The really big deal for me was nailing my tempo pace on Tuesday and my marathon pace on Friday.

Onto to week 5. I'm not one to give up!

Total mileage: 32

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