Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Factoid Friday


Meet Harry Helping Verb.

My fun factoid Friday, begins with Harry.

Huh?  Let me explain.  Starting today, I decided to write something a little odd, a little fun, maybe a little dumb, about me!  So, here is Harry.  Harry didn't help me learn my helping verbs, my eighth grade English teacher did. She challenged us to learn our helping verbs and beat her in reciting them in 10 seconds or less.  Seeing as how I am always up for a challenge, I memorized and could recite my helping verbs in 8 seconds! To this day, I can still recite them on the spot!

Ready -- GO! 


PHEW!  Now tell me a fun factoid about you! ;) Happy Friday!


  1. Lol! You would beat me any day in a English contest! I played on the high school golf team but we had so few girls that we mostly played with the boys team. It wanted to play other sports but didn't have the transportation due to both parents working. We belonged to the local golf course our team practiced at so I would ride my bike to/from practice with my clubs slung over my back. :) Haven't played since early college, though. Now, I play co-rec soccer all the time!

  2. ohmy Jeannie! You had me laughing imagining you with your clubs slung over your shoulder heading to golf practice! :)

  3. YES! We had this too and we sang it to the tune of Yankee Doodle! Thank you for bringing back this memory of a great teacher!

  4. This is a fun fact! I've timed you!

    I can roll quarters on my stomach! Like a belly dancer. :)