Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 3 of 12 -- California International Marathon

I was thankful this week was a step-back week, as I was extremely busy at work and running the kiddos to all their activities. My body and legs seem to be adjusting to more running, but I think they secretly miss the swimming and biking of Ironman training (so do I).  I was happy to include both in my workouts this week. 

Speaking of my speed seems to be coming back where my training plan calls for it, which makes me happy.  I am taking Coach Daryl's advice to heart on my slow easy days.  Hello? See below ... 2 days of 10 minute miles. :)

Recap of week 3:

Monday:  Swim.  1200 yards in 100 yard intervals on 20 sec rest. It felt so good to be back in the pool (ps... I never thought I'd say that!).
Tuesday: 3.36 miles.  1 warm-up, 1 mile at 7:28 pace, 1.36 miles cool down. Average 8:45 pace.
Wednesday: 2.25 miles easy. Average 10:14 pace. SLOW!
Thursday: 2.14 miles easy. Average 10:02 pace. SLOW again! ;)
Friday: 3.54 miles.  1 warm-up, 1 mile at MP (8:00 pace, but ended up at 7.49 pace), 1.54 miles cool down. Average 8:43 pace.
Saturday: Bike.  19 miles in 1:20. Very easy.  This was my first outing on my bike since Ironman Canada. Boy, did I miss it! Average speed 14.2.
Sunday: 8 miles.  Easy and relaxed, averaged an 8:58 pace.

Total miles for week 3:  19 and some change running miles, 19 biking miles, and 1200 swimming yards.

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