Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smokin Fast!

I wanted every possible advantage in riding my fastest for my upcoming triathlons, so this season, I invested in a tri bike.  I looked at several, but when it came right down to it ... I just wanted another TREK because my Trek Madone Road Bike has never failed me!

I found my dream:  The TREK SPEED CONCEPT 7.0 WSD (and it's pink!)  I went down to my local bike shop and ordered it.  Sight unseen and without even test riding it.  It was THE ONE! I knew it.  How could it not be, afterall, it was a TREK and it was PINK!  (plus, it looks fast!)

Here's how it looked when it first arrived:

Of course, I had to take it for a test ride.  But, I knew I would love it! Even with the reflector's and tester pedals.  It rode like a dream!

I bought Shimano clipless pedals and brought my dream bike home.  It is too good to just sit in the garage.

It's part of the family now! She needs a name.  The search was on.  I asked all my friends for name suggestions for my bike.  The winning name was : TRIXIE.  (personally, I think it sounds like a stripper name, and it makes me chuckle.  The true name means: BRINGER OF JOY! ... Yes, pun intended) ;)

After a couple hundred miles, it was time for a new seat! Two reasons.  One, the stock seat was very uncomfortable in the aero position and for long rides lasting more than 2+ hours, the girl parts were not so happy with me.  Two, this saddle is one my coach recommended.  I chose the ISM Adamo Road Saddle.  I debated between the road and the race saddles, but after reading many reviews, I picked this one.  I LOVE IT and couldn't be happier!

One last thing this great bike needs ... RACE WHEELS!!!

Zipp 404's 650c clinchers.  They are wicked FAST!

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  1. Just joined your blog and that is one awesome bike! The race wheels are the perfect adder.