Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look Ma ... no pull buoy!

Yes!  I did it.  For the first time in the two years since I started swimming, I swam freestyle for a total of ... get this ... 200 yards!!  AND - I did it twice during my workout.  :)  For some of you that may not be a big deal, but for this girl who enjoys the shallow end of the hot tub, I was happy beyond belief.

To be quite honest, I don't even know how I managed to swim 1.2 miles for the 1/2 Ironman last June (oh yeah, I think I doggie paddled).  That's another blog post completely.

For now, I will be happy with my baby accomplishments and work towards my goal of swimming 2.4 miles by August 28th! YIKES!!


  1. OH good, I am not the only one signed up for am Ironman who has a hard time swimming more than 100 yards right now... :) Great job!

  2. YAY!!!!! There is no shame in doggie paddling.....

    You have lots of time!! The first 200m is the hard part!! Of course I can say that, I'm not signed up for Ironman....

  3. Believe it or not, you are about half way there. Once you can swim about 400 or 500 m in one go, all of a sudden you take a big jump forward. Not sure why, but going from there to about 2 K will happen almost all at once, then there's another tough spot. The exact numbers will depend on your exact technique.