Sunday, January 2, 2011

You Have Man Thighs

My friend Lora tells it like it is.  She looked at me the other day and exclaimed, "you have man thighs!"  I looked down and frowned ... sure enough, I have man thighs.  I looked back at her and gazed at her long and lean legs, then looked back down at my legs.  Yep - my thighs are twice the size of hers.

Even as a child, I have never had those cute petite girly girl type legs.  My legs have always been muscular (although as  teenager, I'm pretty sure I called them FAT).  I have never really felt comfortable wearing skirts and I always prayed God would make me grow one more inch in my thighs and calves so everything was proportioned just right.  It didn't happen.

I have to admit, Lora calling my thighs "man thighs" kinda stung.  I don't want MAN THIGHS! ... I want thighs that are strong and lean and look great in a skirt and high heels.  I don't know one girl who would want man thighs, but, as she went on to explain, she meant it as a compliment (or, so she says .. ha ha).  For her, she sees my thighs as the catalyst propelling me up the hills on our long bike rides, or pulling away from her as we start our intervals in a bigger ring.  She covets my man thighs!

Me and Lora before running the New York Marathon 2009

I have always dreamed of having model-like legs, long and lean, (just like Lora's) BUT, I am happy with the two strong ones that God gave me.  Maybe it's my age now, but at any rate, I will use my man thighs to their fullest potential.

Go man thighs!


  1. You have beautiful legs! I'm always so envious. They look smashing in...anything! Running shoes, heels, etc. You have definition! Mine go straight into my ankles. Embrace the thighs!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I seriously want man thighs!!! One of my best friends in high school had them and I was always jealous. I could do squats everday for a year and wouldn't have those beautiful muscular legs. The grass is always greener.... ;)

  3. So what she *really* meant was that you have hella strong, invincible thighs? Good for you!
    (and hey, I ran NYC in '09 too...did you see me? Ha!)