Monday, November 22, 2010

Motivation to TRI when the weather is nasty

As I sit at my dining room table and write this, I can hear the wind whipping around our homestead in NW Washington.  It is a frigid 21 degrees and the streets are a sheet of ice.

I was planning on swimming tonight, but after taking nearly 40 minutes to get home, it was going to be another 40 minutes to get back to town to swim at the aquatic center.  Should I be depressed I'm not following my plan?  Am I not motivated?  I AM MOTIVATED ... to do two workouts tomorrow!  Run for an hour, then swim.  Doable.

But, what about the bike?  Looks like another week, at least, of riding on the trainer and running on the dreadmill.  How to stay motivated, you ask?

I have several suggestions:

1.  First, don't let one missed workout get you down.  I will do two in one day (aka...tomorrow! ;)

2.  Find the silver lining ... as I get to ride my trainer, I can catch up on those really important shows I DVR'd last week, such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

3.  Think of getting fat.  This always does it for me in a pinch.

4.  My coach will be disappointed I'm not with the program.  While I don't mind missing a workout or two, ultimately, I want to follow coaches plan to a T.

5.  My motivation might just make someone else motivated.  Has anyone ever told you, "Thanks!  If it wasn't for you meeting me to run at 4 am, I would have never gotten out of bed!"  That always make me smile!

No wind, no ice, no snow is going to keep this tri girl from staying motivated!

...gotta go... my show's back on ...


  1. Great attitude Gina! When the weather is this bad, I figure it's good to listen and take an unscheduled rest day AND do it guilt free. Best to you tomorrow as you double up!

  2. Thanks Cheri! I love your blog ... just clicked over to it! ;)

  3. Great blog Gina, I can totally relate!! Stay after it! And remember, whenever it gets hot, back your pace off! I only say that because of what you and I DIDN'T do at Chicago when it got hot! Kick some butt at the tri!

  4. Yet another reason why we need a swimming pool in Ferndale! Rest day>having your car blown off the road. This blog is fun to read. Keep up the great work and thanks for being an inspiring friend and motivator! ;)

  5. The program is there, but every coach knows that life doesn't go according to plan. Sometimes you can make up a skipped workout, other times you just move on. It takes a lot of planning to fit in workouts around work and pool schedules. Especially shift work, which is brutal.

    The hard part comes in a couple months when you're dragging your tail and you just don't want to do the workout. If you're just tired, suck it up and do it. But if you've gone over the line into actual fatigue, skip the workout and get more sleep. Your body will tell you. Sleep is an integral part of the workouts, because sleep is when your body repairs muscles and makes them stronger.

  6. Get your Yaktrax on and GET OUT THERE!! ;)

    Good job, girl! YOU are my motivation!

    Lots of love, CV

  7. Yaktrax don't help keep my nose and ears warm!! It's 17 degrees!! BRRR! ;) I will get out there though, I don't mind the cold, just the FRIGID cold. LOL! (read: lots of laughs)

  8. You are inspiring my dear friend! And, yes, we need a pool in Ferndale!

  9. Thanks Pat! Seems to me we started out a couple of races WAY to fast for conditions ... ;)

  10. I struggle with motivation when it's so cold out too! I HATE training indoors, the bike trainer is about all I can stand! It's easy to lose sight of the big picture and get caught up in the details of every individual workout.

    PS Loved your comment about thinking of getting fat!! When I'm on the trainer I imagine that every drop of sweat is fat coming off me!! Makes me want to go even further!

  11. Since I'm going to my mom's for Thanksgiving, I will have to run outside! Need to pack my warm winter gear!! I also need to take my trainer ... uggh! Three more rides this week. Ahh well, best to work off all that turkey, potatoes and gravy and pies!! ;)