Monday, May 23, 2011

A brick anyone?

What exactly is BRICK?

Here's what I found:
Brick Commonly, a combination workout that includes a bike and run back to back. Comedically, "Bike/Run It Can Kill" or "Bike/Run Ick". It can be any combination of triathlon sports with less than 10 minutes between sports.

For me, my BRICKs have been long bike rides of over 2 +hours, followed by at least a 30 minute run.  There are a lot of philosophies out there on how long you should run following a long bike ride, but to tell you the truth, I'm just following Coach Daryl's plan! ;)

Oliver 70.3 in 2010

I've been doing BRICK's consistently since the beginning of November in preparation for Ironman Canada.

Finish Line at Oliver 70.3 in 2010

If you're reading this and have never tried a BRICK before, give it a try!  The first time is the hardest and you might even feel like your legs don't want to move, but they will!  Shortening your stride, quick turnover (stride rate) and focusing on good posture is key!

Happy Brick to YOU! ;)

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